There are many reasons for relying on a series of connect-films for online marketing.
Here you will find a selection of solutions for various industries.


Financial transactions require good advice and a trusting customer relationship. Many clients cannot fully assess the consequences of a financing or investment decision. They conclude a contract because they trust their financial advisor and are convinced of his reasoning. However, customer care is increasingly taking place on the Internet. The persuasive power of personal conversation is lost.
With a series of connect-films, you can also advise your customers online and establish closeness and trust.


Signing contracts online saves time and reduces distribution costs. Personal consultation is becoming increasingly rare. However, this impairs customer loyalty, and in particular, with policies easily compared on internet portals, customers only buy at the lowest price.
With a connect-film series you can break through the anonymity of the internet as well as reduce fluctuation and price sensitivity!
Inform your customers again personally, win their trust, and set yourself apart from your competitors!


Which medication should I take? Which treatment do I need? Which hospital cares for me best?
Patients have many questions, and they expect personal advice and competent answers to make use of a medication or medical service. But that takes a lot of time. How can you effectively answer questions and win patients online?
With a series of connect-films, you will be able to advise patients personally, easily, and understandably, thereby creating a proximity that is otherwise reserved for physicians and pharmacists on site.

How do you get connected to your customers online?

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